Klaus Gutjahr

At the age of 8 years he started to play Bandoneon and was educated by his father. When he was 12 years old he already knew how important music was for his life. 1968 at the age of 20 he moved from Burscheid to Berlin. At "Julius Stern Institut der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik" he started to study music. There he met the guitarist Jörg Utesch. With great mutual respect of their musical knowledge and art a close relationship developed. 1975 KLaus Gutjahr finished his studies in music as teacher of Bandoneon at "Staatliche Hochschule für Musik" in Berlin.

During his studies and afterwards he played in different own and other musical formations. He played with Michael Z., Klaus Hoffmann, Erika Pluhar, Eva Maria Hagen, Hannes Wader and Wolf Biermann on concerts and records.

Since many years he has different own musicproductions. The spectrum includes baroque, classic and tango. 1989 Astor Piazzolla invited him to Buenos Aires and they discussed the future of Bandoneon. Until now a lot of visits to Rio de la Plata followed. The Argentinian bandoneon soloist Juan José Mosalini, who plays an instrument of Gutjahr's production, as well as Danile Binelli, Luis Stazzo, Julio Oscar Pane and Horacio Ferrer are close friends to him.

In September 2003 Klaus Gutjahr was honored by "Academia Nacional del Tango" in Buenos Aires as "Academico honoris causa" for his engagement around the Bandoneon. Since the production of new bandoneons endet in 1960´s. Klaus Gutjahr started during his studies to build up a new high quality production of this instrument. Now Klaus Gutjahr produces the most perfect sounding dynamic Bandoneon worldwide. This instrument and Klaus Gutjahr's special style to play are the basis for the music on this CD.

Jörg Utesch

He was born 1951 in Berlin and already as a child interested in the "Weißgerber"- guitar of his parents. On this instrument he had his first experiences. At the age of 11 he started to take guitar lessons.

Most influencial to his technique was Gaston Stoligwo, who educated him for 4 years. The Brazilian guitar compositor Heitor Villa Lobos and his harmonies and melodie-drive enchanted and inspired him. Spanish and Latin-American music was interpreted by Jörg Utesch during concerts in Clubs and on stage.

At the age of 17 he started to study classic guitar with Erich Bürger at Berlins "Julius Stern Institut der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik". There he met in 1968 the Bandoneonsoloist Klaus Gutjahr. After his successful studies, at the age of 21 he specialized in Brazilian and Latin-American guitar music and little later he became a teacher of guitar at "Hochschule der Künste" (before "Hochschule für Musik").

Since 1972, Jörg Utesch performes in Germany, Europe and South America, often accompanied by his wife Esparta Rios, who is a soprano singer from Peru. This CD in coperation with Klaus Gutjahr was a real challenge for him as artist and musician. It fits his expectations as a virtous player and composer.

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